Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Doin' my Best and Forgettin' the Rest

:P How cheesy am I today! lol

Well, I took Tuesday night off because I just couldn't manage the pain in my right knee but pushed through last night. I did modify some moves slightly but for the most part just tried to put myself in my happy place. My heart rate was higher than usual but I wonder if that is not because of the pain... not sure.

I still love Plyo but last night was the hardest workout in the past three weeks! I had a great sweat going on and I was proud to get through the workout but really would have liked it to be prettier by this stage of the game. In any case I can put it behind me and I won't see that one again for two weeks... so I will kick Plyo's ass the next time we meet!!

So, the plan this week is to do doubles tonight (shoulders and arms + yoga) so that I am back on schedule. It really works out well for us this phase as we will be on vacation next week and it will be on recovery week so we can keep the cardio up in the hotel and not feel guilty about missing our routines.

Anywho, here are the stats:

Plyometrics (Day 16)

Calories: 762
Average HR: 144
Max HR: 172

Make it a great day folks and keep pushing play!


Betty Ray said...

Your best is all you can do. Great job!! I hope your knee feels better soon.

I fell off the wagon again. But, I will get back on at some point. Hopefully tonight. I'm thinking of switching back to Insanity month 1 every morning and then doing P90X strength 3 nights a week.

Grandma Nina said...

Thanks for visiting and your sweet comment! So nice to meet you.
It's so hard to stay on a workout routine. Good for you!