Friday, February 11, 2011

A confession ((((blush))))

Ok, so I skipped the Zumba class yesterday because I was having trouble walking and wanted to save myself for my P90X since that is my program with priority. So Superwoman and I just hung out over lunch and we have planned on doing that Zumba today at lunch.

So, last night I was trying to figure out how I was going to manage my time. Mr. Wonderful had not done the Shoulders workout with me the night before because he was trying to recover a little, so I knew that he would want to get it done last night... and I was right. SO, he went first while I was putting the little ones to bed. I read a story to Buba and a week's worth of diary entries for Squeelie (she is reading Dear Dumb Diary) and met my Mr. WOnderful in our gym. I noticed that he had 35 minutes left and so I set the treadmill for 35 minutes and began my warm up... 2.5 miles and a nice calorie burn (details to follow). After my hubby was done his workout I began my yoga hell, I mean yoga bliss. I did the warm up and the stretch in my muscles were hurting but I knew that it meant that it would do me good... and it really did. Here comes the confession... after the warm up I skipped the vinyasa moves and only did the last hour of the program. I always burned out my brain and my muscles during those darn moves so I thought that I would begin with the balance moves and go back to the vinyasas. Turns out that I am pretty darn good at the last 2/3 of that program... and I was so proud and feeling so good that I did not go back to the beginning - I just walked away.

SO, here are my stats for last night's workouts:


Calories: 433
Avg HR: 141
Max HR: 176

Yoga X:

Calories: 303
Avg HR: 109
Max HR: 140 ( I am sure this happened when I was trying to get in the crane position)

So... onward and upward I go, with some prednisone in my system to help me through - Legs and Back tonight + Ab Ripper X and Zumba on lunch... can't wait for weigh-in MOnday to see what has happened during this week.

Make it a great day!


Betty Ray said...

Good for you for not overdoing it. I hear ya on yoga. It's hard to get through. But you did some and hey, that's great. Glad you are feeling better. Legs & Back had me sweating big time today and then I sucked at Ab Ripper. But oh well. It's so fun having you at the same place as me this time though!

Ms Bibi said...

Not overdoing it is always good otherwise you would be sitting in pain today like me overdoing it skiing yesterday,lol