Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Plyometrics + Fire 30 = Great Calorie Loss

Good morning all! I had such a great day yesterday... did Fire 30 on my lunch and Plyo last night. I have to say that I am stronger now than I was at the end of my first round of P90x. I was surprised that I was able to pull through with the strength that I did - yeah me! I suppose it was because of Insanity and Turbo Fire and Hip Hop Abs that I was dabbling in while on my break between rounds. Or perhaps it is because I want it more now than I did before? But whatever the reason, the programs or my desire, I was thankful for a good night.

I would love to have some feedback on my food intake for the day, for those who are well versed in the nutritional component that is so important to my success:

B-fast: 2 Six-grain toast with low fat peanut butter
S1: Banana
Lunch: 3 stalks of celery and 9 baby carrots with 1 TBSP of hummus
S2: Apple
Dinner: Broccoli and Steak stir fry (p90x recipe) with 1/2 cup of long grain rice

68 oz of water

Is that ok? I will be adding a protien drink to my lunch starting Saturday (when it arrives in the mail).

On the stats side of my workouts for yesterday:

Fire 30:

Calories: 445
Avg HR:141
Max HR:174


Calories: 820
Avg HR: 142
Max HR: 181

Overall a great day!

Make it a great day folks... keep pushing play!!


Betty Ray said...

Woohoo! SO not only did you do Plyo, but another cardio workout as well. How awesome. I'm glad you made it through. Can't help on the diet stuff as I don't follow the plan myself, but it looks very P90X worthy. :) With all those workouts, you didn't find yourself hungry?

Anyway, went strong this morning. Made it through Ab Ripper all the way today. The first day I had to keep taking breaks here and there. We WILL be kick butt strong after this round and will STAY that way!

cehrke said...
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Chelsea said...

P90X sounds like a great workout. As soon as my pregnancy's over, I'm going to really commit myself to getting back in shape!

LisaDay said...

I am not sure what P90X is as I just found you (because you found me), but no, I think you need to eat more particularly if you are working out.

Be careful.


Laura said...

Just make sure you aren't under eating... That's my only advice. :)