Thursday, September 30, 2010

Karate (day 10) and day 11

Wow, have I already completed day 11??!! This program is so awesome that the days are just flying by and I am feeling more confident and stronger with every passing day. Today was Cardio Recovery and it was just what the doctor ordered. Last night during my Karate class I hurt my left quad and with all the stretching this morning it feels a lot better now.

Karate was great and it was a good workout and the Sensai made an announcement that there will be NO jewellery, regardless of its usefulness... so, looks like last night was the final time I could wear my HRM during Karate but at least I got a second reading ;-)

Here is the data:

Duration: 1:36:31
Calories: 586
Fat Burn: 1:04:36
Fitness: 31:39
Average HR: 116
Maximum: 159

This morning's workout, day 11, was Cardio Recovery and I was again disappointed with the number of calories burned but it felt SO GOOD! I took fewer recovery moments while in my deep squats and I noted that my balance has improved greatly as well. Here is the data from this morning:

Duration: 49:50
Calories: 236
Fat Burn: 47:47
Fitness: 1:54
Average HR: 105
Maximum: 134

Make it a great day folks!

1 comment:

Laura said...

That blows about not being able to wear your HRM at karate. But from the looks of it, you burn between 500-600! At least you can kind of guess-timate. LOL

Don't worry about the calories on recovery workouts... you burn more than enough the other days!!! LOL

Keep up the great work though! The 63 days do go by fast!!!