Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 2: Cardio and Resistance

Last week I missed a workout day (Wednesday) when I went to Karate that night so this week I am starting a new routine which includes doing all my Insanity workouts in the morning so that life doesn't interfere with my goal of earning my better, stronger and leaner body ;-) So, that being said I used the Wednesday as my rest day and today marked the first day of Week 2.

About today's workout... I sucked! First of all last night I completed my workout very late and it took me a while to unwind and get to sleep... after about 6 hours (maybe a little less) I was up and at it for today's workout. I got dressed, got my water and decided to try it without the R&R Formula to see if it made a difference and tiptoed downstairs to my gym. I pushed play and got started and realized very quickly that I am making progress. I was into the third set of the warm up drills when I realized that I did not start my Heart Rate Monitor!! I was so upset about it ... how stupid! I pressed start on my HRM and continued with the program.

Overall, it was not a great day! I had to really push myself to follow along and did not have great results at all. I think it was a mental shut down that I experienced. I knew that I was not going to have the right readout on my HRM and the fact that my R&R wasn't in my water made me believe that I should have just stayed in bed. SO, the moral of the story is... I will press start when I get dressed and I will treat myself to the yummy R&R Formula every day as they clearly serve as my motivators.

Here are the stats for the day (what I got of them):

Duration: 32:40
Calories: 280
Fat Burn: 12:38
Fitness: 19:52
Average HR: 137
Maximum: 172

Tonight is Karate... :)

Make it a great day!


Betty Ray said...

Some days are better than others. I wish I knew the recipe to have a good one everyday. You're going it though and you're doing great. Keep up the great work!

Laura said...

Just make sure now that you try to stay on a consistent workout start time... When I double up on days, the next morning is always a bit harder. Keep up the great work though!!!