Thursday, September 23, 2010

Karate and Day 3: Cardio and Resistance

Well, well, I must be CRAZY or perhaps INSANE!

So, last night I went to my first Karate class and it was an intense 45 minutes followed by some "kata" training to regain composure. It was terminated by another jog around the gym... in total 622 calories gone last night! Yeah me...

Then, at 5am I got up and did my day 3 of Insanity... it was awesome! I can't wait to see how much I improve over the next few weeks. I have been feeling really sore and stiff and have had to resort to Prednisone just to be able to functon. This morning when I pushed play I had to pause it within a minute and go and add Atasol to the cocktail this morning too... but it got me through! It felt so good to be done my workout first thing in the morning. I had a little results and recovery in my 20oz of water during the workout followed by old fashioned oats with dates and almond milk for b-fast. I am feeling so good today... here are the facts:

Duration: 44:10 minutes
Calories: 537
Fat burn: 6:17
Fitness: 45:07
Average: 153
Maximum: 181

Make it a great day!

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Betty Ray said...

Good for you. I can't even think of fitting in any other workouts while doing Insanity. LOL
Sorry about all the drugs, but at least they are letting you function and do healthy things for yourself. KPP