Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kenpo success

Even our seven year old daughter got into it last night! She just spent the weekend (both Sat. and Sun) doing her Karate competitions and received her new belt, then she went to Karate on Monday and will be going again tonight and decided - just for fun- that she would join us last night as we did our "karate" for the week! She did great and so did we... BUT

I don't really understand why Tony thought that it was a good idea to make us do those prayer squats and all that leg work following the insane LEG AND BACK workout the day before. It hurts man!! I spend the first 8 minutes of the Kenpo DVD crying (not literally, but you know what I mean) because the pain is nearly unbearable. Somewhere between 8-10 minutes into it the pain disappears and I am always able to Bring it! How does that happen? Where does all that pain go? And today -- I can jump over the moon!!

Anywho, make it a great day folks and BRING IT!

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