Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hear Ye, hear ye...

I would like to announce that I STILL dislike the Chest and Back DVD the most!! I hate it... but I am getting better. I am able to do the first 10 push ups on my feet (like a big girl) and then I go to my knees and complete the sets... but OMGoodness there are a lot of push ups in this dreaded DVD. I can't wait until the end of my second round of this program ... I should be able to pump them out the way Mr. Wonderful does. I burned 431 calories last night and I was feeling the BURN!

* I should say here that when I started this program I was not doing ANY push ups on my feet... they were all from my knees and that was hard enough. That is why I think that there is such an improvement in my arms and shoulders... because of all those dreaded push ups and chin ups.

Anyway, we were burned out last night after this workout so we got up before 5am so that we could do the Ab Ripper DVD this morning... on to Plyo tonight!

Make it a great day!!

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Tera said...

your too funny.....but guess what I purchased today???? I think you only need 1 guess, and Adam agreed to do it with me!!!!!