Monday, May 17, 2010

Another weekend in Hotels and STILL P90xing it!

Well, I am so proud of Mr. Wonderful and I... we were traveling (10 hour road trip) and stayed in hotels, eating at restaurants and still did the program - never missed a beat! I also should mention that instead of snacking on Chips, pop and chocolate while driving we snacked on pistachios, nuts and water. We felt energized and had zero guilt about our decisions. We ate at some nice restaurants and made wise choices and kind of snickered about it because we realized how far we've come. I bought new pants for Mr. Wonderful and he is down two pant sizes ... and I am not that far behind!! I am happy and although my results are not as obvious as his I know that I am on my way and there is no stopping me now. We are just finishing up week seven and we will be on to week 8 on Wednesday... then day 60 pics!!

Make it a great day!

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