Monday, April 12, 2010

Yoga, Legs and Back and Kenpo

OK... I have a confession to make I goofed up this weekend! Yoga did not happen for me nor did Kenpo! I know that it is important for me to get in that cardio BUT I had an insane weekend of laundry, cleaning, cooking, planning for the week ahead and getting back into the old routine because the children started school again this week! No excuses but, in all honesty, I did burn a fair amount of calories during this crazy weekend and I still did my Legs and Back routine.

Legs and back = PAIN! It is a great pain though and what a great feeling when I accomplished the chair squats AND both sessions of wall squats... it was a moment of true triumph! Bring on this week ... week THREE! I am ready!!

I also was able to cook soup, turkey and several other dishes to make it easier for me this week to follow the menu. This is the first week where I will be committing to the diet and the regime... I will see success this week again. I decided to put off the weigh in until the end of this week, in a way I can't wait to see what has happened on the scale but in another I don't care BECAUSE I know that I look and feel better and my clothes fit differently. At the end of this round I will be doing measurements... that is where it counts!

Make it a great day folks!

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