Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back and Chest ... I am getting better

Well, last night was back and chest and I felt that I was certainly making progress. I bought a new resistance band this past weekend and used that for the chin ups and I also made significant strides when it came to the push ups. I am getting through it!! Last week I felt like crying when I was trying to do this DVD ... I just felt like it was so far beyond anything that I could do but I kept pushing myself, trying harder and sweating more until this week I could almost keep up!! It is incredible the difference 1 week makes.

Tonight is my grocery night and I am going to start following the diet to a T. This is not something that I have been doing although I have been eating clean and trying to pay attention to portion sizes. I am willing to give the diet a try and see if that speeds up my results...

Tonight is Plyo, one of my favorite DVDs, make it a great day!

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