Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Core after two and 1/2 weeks off!

OK, so here is my advice for anyone who is reading this and thinking about starting the program... DO NOT TAKE TIME OFF!!! We went for a two week vacation in Sunny Florida and for two weeks we walked, on average, 12 hours per day. When the day was done we were too tired to break out the videos and push play so my dear hubby and I decided that we would have the next 50 weeks to worry about it and in the meantime we would enjoy our vacation. And so we did!!! We did not eat right... we did no real exercises and we were lovin' life... and now we are paying the price.

Last night we finally mustered up the energy to start back. So, we started with the core workout... OMGoodness!!! We are totally out of shape and obviously our diets have not been a great source of energy neither. BUT in all fairness... we DID push play and we are back at it!

Wish us luck

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