Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A day of rest

I was hoping that a full day of rest might heal my muscle pains and help me get through this week. I mean, I am really sore right now but my joints seem to be holding up ok. I feel like I may have pulled a butt muscle... is that even possible? I am back to hurting all over... my sides (I guess that may be where obliques may be developing), my butt, my legs and my back... all over!! I am not complaining because obviously I have worked my muscles and that can only mean results (some day). I have to say that I really missed my P90X Recovery Drink yesterday... I think that I may be addicted to that stuff... I mean, I think that it helps motivate me to do the workout :P

Anywho, here begins another week of tough workouts and potentially some results in the mirror because the scale did not move this week :-(

Make it a great day!

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