Friday, March 26, 2010

Arms and Back

Boy oh boy it was a tough start to this routine last night but I chose to breathe and keep pushing myself! What a great feeling to accomplish something that seems so hard at first glance. I increased my weights in all the exercises and even did 20 pounds for the concentration curls... yeah me! Following this routine was the Ab Ripper program and I decided that I would attack it differently because I always feel so defeated after that DVD. So, here is what I decided would work for me - I chose how many reps that I would do BEFORE the workout began ... so the number that was right for me was 15. So instead of doing the 25 reps at the beginning and not being able to get through ALL of the exercises I would stop after I reached my goal of 15 ... and guess what?!!! I DID IT!! ALL OF IT... I, for the very first time, felt like I conquered the dreaded Ab Ripper X. Now, next week I am going to be aiming to complete 20 of each set... then 22... then 25 and I will be able to keep up with Tony ;)

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