Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week 2 & 3 in review

Oh dear, where has the time gone?

I have to confess that I have been doing a little too much of this:

Wishing that I was doing a little more of this:

and this:

beacause I have to post these (really embarrasing BUT I have to own it!)

So, what is there to report? I have lost 2 pounds ... that is it. I have not been able to get in my workouts daily but get in about half right now. P90x2 is GONNA KILL me... but I need a new motivation and some inspiration because I do not wish to go to Disney FAT. I am getting thick around the midsection AGAIN and I am not giving up. I will update again next week.

Make it a great day!


Vanessa said...

It is so tough when life gets in the way of our work outs..frustrating!
But you are still making progress..2 pounds is 2 pounds..nothing to sneeze at!

Have a great week :)

Scrappytbear said...

It's nice to "see" you! Just keep doing what you can and things will fall into place. Or you will make them fall into place. Whatever. Make it yours!

Marie said...

Dogs really have the life don't they? Anyway, I hope your workouts have multiplied though we are fully into the holiday season and it makes it that much tougher...