Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Doing my Best

But really feeling sluggish. It may be because I am working out without any gas in the engine or just trying to re-establish some order in my workouts... but whatever the cause I am struggling. This morning I got Bear out of bed an convinced her to do it with me. It started off ok and she was getting in gear (but, between you and I she is not really trying very hard... I can't wait till she sees some results - that will push her) but really felt that Plyo was more than she could handle... so I popped in Core Synergistics instead. We got through it but it really wasn't pretty. This weekend we are taking our before pics (even though we will be a week into it) so that we can stay motivated. I will post them even though I am NOT proud of what I have let myself get to. Then I will post the 30 and 60 day pics and then I will be on to P90x2 :D

So, not much more to report. On the diet side it is going really well; I am keeping my protein high and feeling full all day. I am getting my water in and the systems are working great as a result. On the topic of protein I am going to admit that I tried the Visalus shakes and I want to know what you think of them? Have you tried them? Have you had success with them? If I am being totally honest I HATE them. They are gritty, odd-tasting and I just can NOT learn to like them. I tried ... I had two shakes but made three and the thought of drinking it made me nausous. So, I am back on Lean Body shakes with 35% protein and loving the chocolate milkshake flavor. I am going to start taking a multivitamin as well as CLA... but haven't yet. What supplements do you all take?

Make it a great day and I should say that I am HURTIN'! My core is on FIRE... it hurts to bed, to get up out of bed, to laugh, to cough... it hurts! I LOVE IT!

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Scrappytbear said...

Ugh is this just a sign of tired and way too busy? Im counting on it passing; once you get into a groove and start feeling better you will have more energy. Repeat it. LOL Protein drinks? gross. This is something Ive not managed to convince myself to try!