Friday, November 11, 2011

Illustrating my progress

Thanks to the photo bank on Google Images I can illustrate for you all where I am near the end of week one of my recommittment to a healthier me:

Let me begin by illustrating perfectly my only regret:

I missed one workout this week and will be doubling up today to catch up. I just ran out of time yesterday and couldn't get the workout in... but I wasn't worrying because I knew that I was done work today at noon and that I have time for two workouts today. I mean... I would not have a problem wasting two hours watching a movie, right... so I think that time will serve me better catching up on the workout I missed.

Beautifully said...

And this is just a reminder to myself!

My Beachbody coach sent me the information on the new P90x application for Iphone... I think that I may wait to get it because I am just doing this in absence of the X2... I would prefer to spend $60 on an application for that program rather than this one.

Well, have a great weekend everyone... be back on Monday to fill you all in and share my BEFORES :EEK

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Vanessa said...

those are some great quotes..very inspirational :)