Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 1 in review

Well, week one is in the books and here are my results:

P90X workouts: 5/6
Lunch hour walks with Superwoman: 1
Other workouts: Splitting wood for 2 hours
Water intake (min. 64oz) 5/7 days
Clean eating and logging eats: 6/7 days
Cheats: 1/7 days

I worked hard and sweated a bundle... I am sore from head to toe and I weighed in this morning to find out that all of my hard work ADDED two pounds to my already overweight body. :K

What are my plans for this week? Continue to commit to the new routine. I am planning to continue to follow the workouts and eat clean but I may increase my calories. Seems strange? Well, I am going to be eating 5 small meals a day, limit my coffee to three for the week and try and be more accountable on the weekends. I will post my before pics this week (when I load them to my computer).

Thanks for supporting me... I will keep trying and hopefully have a loss to share for this week. I am going to take my measurements too this week because I do not want the scale to dictate my success or failure. I feel great (sore but great) and looking forward to this week.

I have chosen my HARD... Bring it!!!

Make it a great day!

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Scrappytbear said...

Good job on Week 1! Because you're doing it, when 95% of the population is not.