Monday, November 7, 2011

I Currently Struggle With...

... Time management!

Ok, so here is the deal... I have a new puppy and although she is the sweetest thing ever she has been getting me up twice a night to let her out to pee. In addition to that she also sleeps in our bed! Bad, I know but I can not help it... I hate to hear her cry. Why do I do these things to myself? I wish I were more selfish, but alas it is not in me to be like that. So, what has it done for my training? My plan was to wake up in the morning and do my workouts but that did not happen since I was not getting my rest at night. To work out at night (these days) are out of the question because ... this is my evening schedule :

Monday: Municipal Council Meeting
Tuesday: Bear goes to tutoring and Marge is studying
Wednesday: Bear goes to tutoring and Marge is working until 8 then studying till 9 with Bear
Thursday: Bubba has additional hockey practice (this is on top of the weekend practices for extra ice time because he is finally getting it and is starting to LOVE it)
Friday... I have no current plans for Friday.

This is not unusual... it is every week. What I did not mention is that Squeelie has hip hop as well on Monday's and Tuesday - Thursday she has after-school activities that require us to go get her. Our plates are FULL at night but I am not using any of this as an excuse... instead I made a plan. The plan was to start eating right as of November 1st (done!) and when the hour fell back I would get up REGARDLESS to work out at 4:45am. So this is what it looked like this morning:

4:35am: Meadow needs to pee so Momma takes her out
4:40am: Peeing complete and Momma is wide awake thanks to the Fall air... feed Meadow and Callie and leave them in the garage
4:45am: Beg Bear to get up and do it with me... not happening so I push play and enjoy the tranquility (that is until Tony starts)
5:45am: Workout in and 20oz of water down... hop in the shower and ready to start the day!

Breakfast consisted of plain oatmeal with some fixins added in (apple, raisins, vanilla and cinnimon).

The workout... was intense. I was able to get 20 pushups in for each set (except the diamond (15) and the dive bombers (10)). As for the chin ups I did 10 reps for each set... the first set assisted and the second set on my Smith machine using 80 pounds. The lawnmowers and the heavy pants were sets of 12 @ 25 pounds. The back flys were sets of 15 with 15 pounds of weights.

I feel AMAZING! I know that I will be hurting tomorrow morning and that Plyo is gonna kill me tomorrow but I am looking forward to it.

MAKE it a great day and Bring IT!

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Vanessa said...

awwww your puppy is so cute!
your schedule is crazy busy!