Friday, November 5, 2010

Rest day, Intervals and a gift :P

So, I have been a bit quiet because Tuesday night was insanely busy at my house so I opted to make it my day of rest. Then Wednesday came and so did visitors (did I mention that we built a new house and it has people wanting to come over and visit;)... Interval mission failed!!!

Anyway, last night I was really beating myself up about it BUT I invited my little Angel girl to do it with me and we got Intervals done early. It was great and she did really well for an 8 year old!! We had some good numbers and my plan to catch up is to do two workouts on Saturday... one when Mr. Wonderful takes our 5 year old to the rink and another in the afternoon/evening. I will be back on track before Sunday night.

Now, it seems that I have lacked a little motivation lately and as such I knew that I needed a carrot to get me to commit to finishing the program. I have two weeks and a few days left and damn it I am going to DO IT! So, while blog stalking yesterday I went to visit Laura and saw her wearing a pair of kick-ass boots and JEANS... OMG those jeans were awesome. So, as my carrot I went to Abercrombie today and bought a pair (might I add that they are a full size smaller)... and a sweater :P So, that will be my gift to me for finishing the program. I should get them just in time to go to Montreal and see my BIL and SIL... I hope that I look half as good as Laura does!

So, here are the facts from last night:

Calories: 636
Average HR: 142
Maximum: 173

Make it a great day!

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Laura said...

Girl, you're going to ROCK THEM!!! Nothing says motivation than looking good in jeans!!! And you DESERVE them for all the hard work you've been putting in!!!! You've got these last 2 weeks in the bag!!!