Monday, June 13, 2011

Relay for Life + sugar free + B210K = A rough week!!

Oh boy, where to start? I guess that I should begin by talking about the Relay For Life that I had the privilege of participating in. I want to THANK my friends and family for their generous donations and I can proudly say that our little part of the world raised over $250,000 towards cancer research. It was also announced Saturday night that our Relay was recognized for it's uniqueness because we have included the three cultures of our region; Micmac, English and French. It was truly an uplifting experience that we are already talking about participating in again next year. Oh yeah, and I walked 5.5 hours that night burning a measly 1352 calories (there were a lot of people on the track and it was hard to get any real burn on).

On to the Sugar Free portion of this post... all I can say is F-A-I-L. I am going to try to continue to be more consciencious of sugar in the food that I eat BUT I can't get rid of it all together. I long for sugar, I need sugar... and I will treat myself once a week. I was walking around like someone took my best friend away from me... I was nearly in a depression! So, I cheated... more than once this past week but I am better now and more focused on healthier eating. As a result of the cheats my scale did not move this week... at all - not up nor down, so I will take it and make this week a better week.

Now on to my favorite thing of the month... my Bridge to 10K program. I began the week well despite a terrible pain in my groin area (a first for me). Because of the level of pain I was afraid to go out and run so I did W2,D1 on the treadmill so that if the pain got too bad I could just press stop and not have to limp home. I did it and the first 10 minutes or so was rough but I got into my groove and did well. Then I could barely sit, walk, kneel, anything for a few days so I just took a bit of a break. The on to W2, D2... I asked Mr. Wonderful to come for a run with me and he accepted. We headed North on a gravel road and I went faster than I normally do... because I wanted to impress my sweet hubby. It was HOT, no breeze and uphill and I was suffering. Again the first 15 minutes were the worse with some walks thrown in... I just could not make it the entire 15 minutes. BUT after the first set, with a two minute walk to bring my HR back to normal levels I was able to run 15 minutes, followed by a one minute walk and then 18 minutes, followed by a three minute walk and then another 5 minute run with the cooldown. I managed the 8.5km run in 1 hour and 2 minutes and burned a whopping 872 calories!!! It was an amazing feeling I had following that torturious run - can't wait for the next one!

So, that was my week. I had a lot of cheats, could not keep the schedule for the B210K because of the relay and the sore groin BUT I am finishing up week 2 tonight and will be on to week three on Wednesday. I hope that you all had as great a week as I did this past week -

Make it a great day!


Tera said...

Congrats on the Relay!!! I did it too on Friday night in Stratford. I had a blast and it's an experience that I will never forget.
Miss you!!!!
Love Tera

Anne said...

That is really great that you did the relay!
I know exactly what you mean when you say that you loved the feeling AFTER the not so fun run :) ...luckily, sometimes both the run and the after-run are great! Keep up the good work!