Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday night workout with my daughter's friend

So, last night I was really SORE! I was hurtin' all over and I almost considered taking the night off... but my mind pulled me through. I knew that I had to blog this morning and post my stats and that helped; however, I also realized that I would feel great once I pushed play and that is what I did. I forced myself to push play and my oldest daughter's friend asked if he could join me and I said yeah... so I had company and that was nice even though he did not make it through 20 minutes of it :P

As for my nutrition yesterday, it was top notch! I have to admit that I tried Shakeology and I could not even drink it all. It made me think of chocolate cake batter and although I LOVE chocolate in the form of a bar (with fruit and nuts) I do not eat chocolate cake or pudding... and my opinion is that Chocolate Shakeology is NOT for me. I think that I will drink BSN Syntha 6 (banana flavor) for my lunch. I am so grateful to Coach Chris for providing me with the sample so I did not end up with a full month's supply that I could not get through. Supper last night was a light chicken and rice dish that I made and it had lots of yummy veggies in it!

Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Totals 1,117 136 34 56
Your Daily Goal 1,662 228 55 62
Remaining 545 92 21 6

So, here are the stats from last night's workout:

Arms and Shoulders

Calories: 462
Average: 119
Maximum: 169

Make it a great day!


Betty Ray said...

Way to push through! Seems you and I are on the same schedule. My legs and butt are STILL sore from plyo. :)
Sorry to hear you didn't like Shakeology. I know I can't drink flavored things like that so I haven't tried it.

Laura said...

Way to push play! I liked the choc. shakeology... but not enough to order it. Glad you were able to test it out before wasting all that money!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Done Gaspe Girl! You inspire me! :-)
I can't wait to start next week!
I also must confess to the piece of sugar pie that I had for lunch today....:-(

Holly W said...

I started doing p90x last fall and it kicked my ass...then I fell off the wagon with all the holiday treats, gained weight, and now am planning on getting back into gear this Monday (because who starts anything on any other day but a Monday..haha) although I think I'll have to warm up for a month or so with something tame before I hit the big dog again...
Looking forward to coming'll give me some motivation!
(found you off a comment you left on Bella's blog...btw)

Deidre said...

Nice work! Sometimes just that initial step is the hardest. So, well done!

Coach Chris said...

I am sorry you didn't like the Shakeology. I personally don't use the recommended amount of water or milk they say because it is too thick that way for me. I make mine with additional whey protein, peanut butter, water (2.5 cups), ice and cinnamon and love drinking it that way. Not everyone likes Shakeology, but it is why I offer the samples! Please let us know if you need anything.