Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Healthy and Feeling Good is contagious

So, as I have shared with you all, I am trying to pay it forward to my colleagues and have organized a lunch hour workout program with Chalene and Turbo Fire. My intentions were to find a way that we could all get in at least one workout per day and we could motivate one another. Well, the first day there was two of us... YEP, just me and Super Woman, but today there was three of us... and we were burning down the building cause we were all on FIYA! OK... we really were not, but we had a good workout albeit short and I felt like we could have kept on pushing play but we are on our lunch break so we can not just keep on pushing play.

Anyway, here are the stats:

HIIT 15 + Stretch 10:

Calories: 331
Average HR: 126
Maximum HR: 180 !!!!

Chalene really gets my heart pumping!! Tonight I am planning on getting in a P90X workout too as long as everyone and everything cooperates. Unfortunately I will be traveling, for work, for the next two weeks and don't expect much workout time. I will be trying to make the time to run on the treadmill (at least) while staying at the hotel.

Make it a great day! Tomorrow I think that we are going to try the Core workout... just for fun! Then when I get back I will be back for two weeks before I have to travel again... that should give us some time to work out these routines and we will follow the schedule then.


Laura said...

Yay! How fun!

Just FYI... you need a resistance band for Core 20... if that's the one you are talking about....

BabyBokChoy said...

Hi there! P90x, wow, my coworker is doing this too! Sounds like a lot of work but a lot of results!!!!