Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am hurting... my core, my legs and knees almost everywhere but my shoulders and arms SO that must be the workout for tonight! (BTW, I checked and it is :P) I love the feeling but it takes me so terribly long to recover when my muscles break down. I am supporting myself when I am getting up from a seating position. I am wobbly while I am walking and look a little like a new calf just learning to walk. I am suffering a little but it serves me right for taking the month off.

I was limping around the kitchen today and my Mr. Wonderful said that he is going to be starting back with me shortly... I knew it!!

Ok, back to my current situation... sorry for the short interruption.

So, my diet was great yesterday! I treated myself to a new cookbook, (which was inspired by BettyRayBlogs) The Best of Clean Eating, and made this great recipe and it was VERY good. THe kids loved the biscuits and ate them all up. I did alter the recipe a little and added some garlic Mrs. Dash and put just one biscuit on each pot pie and the family all agreed that it was yummy. I should also state that I ate an avacado yesterday (with Mrs. Dash) so that is why my fat is over... but it was good fat :P I am registering all my meals and snacks into my food diary at My Fitness Pal, and the total calories ate yesterday was:

Calories Carbs Fat Protein
Totals 1,327 147 60 72
Daily Goal 1,766 242 58 66

Remaining 439 95 -2 -6

I also drank 68 ounces of water yesterday... and NO coffee, no soda and no juices!!

As for the workout, it was Cardio X. I have come a long way from my first days of my first round of the X... I can remember when I would take breaks and be thinking that I was not going to get through it. Thanks to Insanity, Cardio X was good but not exhausting. I actually danced around the room and kept my heart rate up for a bit afterwards. This is going to be a great round of the X, I am sure.

Anyway, here are the fun calorie facts for the day yesterday:

Cardio X + Freestyle Dance :P

Calories: 566
Average HR: 125
Maximum HR: 174

Make it a great day!


Laura said...

I took a short break from walking everyday (and my dog is not happy about it) & now I can't get the energy up to walk, plus it has been rather cold out. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the visit!

Angie said...

Thanks for stopping by!
Your blog is so very inspiring!

Betty Ray said...

Yay! I'm so glad you are using the cookbook. Can't wait to hear what you prepare.

And walking? Yeah, I said I'd walk 2 miles a day with the dog. That has NOT happened as I hate the cold and snow. But I'm going to do it now because you say I should! LOL