Thursday, July 7, 2011

Onward and Upward

Good morning all! As my previous post suggests I took Tuesday as my day of rest, although I can hardly call it that. SO, last night I invited Superwoman over and we did Shoulders and Arms together and had a real great burn. I mostly used 20 pound weights for all shoulder exercises and did sets of 8. For all the bicep exercises I used either 20 or 15 pound weights with sets of 8. Finally, for the tricep exercises, my weakest area, I used from 10 pound-15 pound weights with sets of 8. I felt the muscles very well and I know that by tonight my muscles will be crying... but it feels oh so good to have them talking back to me like that ;) So, during the hour of S&B I burned 399 calories with an average HR of 112 and a maximum heart rate of 160. It was a great night.

I then woke up and did my run this morning. It was the first time that I have woke up at 5am to get my run in ... I can say that I do much better at night. Maybe because I hadn't fuelled myself yet, maybe it was because I worked out late last night and my body was still tired... whatever the reason, my early morning run SUCKED! I mean, really sucked! I managed to do 5kms (which I verified the distance with the car on my way to work) in less than 30 minutes but it wasn't pretty. I stopped three times to walk, I just couldn't get going... my knee hurt, my breathing was off, I was HOT - really HOT, I looked down and my heart rate was at 169... just all bad! I did burn 314 calories with my average heart rate at 152 and my maximum heart rate at 176!!!!! Tough run but I am going to try again tomorrow morning.

Make it a great day folks!

Fast or slow, at least I am moving, right :P

Oh and tonight is my most dreaded Yoga which I am subbing out for Core Synergistics... not fighting with myself over running AND yoga... just not gonna do it ;)


Saretta said...

Sometimes it's hard to run early in the morning. It's like your body hasn't greased it's gears yet! Hang in there!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Okay, this almost inspires me to dig out my P90X that is still in the box from Christmas.

Lindsay said...

Hey I saw you left a comment on my blog, so I stopped by to check you out. I see you have great taste in blog templates haha. You are very inspiring...I recently started training again, after letting myself get so pathetically out of shape, and your blog posts are very motivating! I also run far better at night than in the morning too, but it is so nice to get it out of the way. I think if you eat a little breakfast first, and start doing it regularly, morning runs might become tolerable. Thanks for all the rock!

Laura said...

Great job on getting through your run even if you felt you did awful... as your awful would probably be a good run for me. LOL

And I agree with you on subbing out Yoga X... you can try your hardest to "like" yoga, but if you don't, you don't. Do what makes you happy!!! :)

Oh and I'm jealous about your planned vacation next year!!!!