Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I guess there is such a thing as having TOO MUCH FUN!

Last weekend we had a great long weekend and took the littlest children camping. We had an amazing time in the great outdoors and we were able to go on two biking adventures... one along the beaches and another in an off road biking trail. It was SO much fun... the children adored it!

They fell a couple of times and there was blood and scratches but they can't wait to do it again. BUT... when wecame home I noticed that Bubba's knee was looking a little yuckie.

Two days later it was looking really yuckie so I took him to the clinic and they had to drain the infection out of his knee and he is on antibiotics now :( I guess there really is a thing as having too much fun! On our next run both of the littles will be wearing knee and elbow protection... I was a bad momma.


Joanne said...

Oh man! Hope the little guy is feeling better soon. My daughter came back from camping with pink eye. Hey- thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS! Take care.

Lindsay said...

No way were you a bad momma! You were an awesome mom for taking them on such a fun and exciting adventure! Live and learn as they say. I bet the bad knee didn't change his opinion on that awesome camping trip!