Friday, December 3, 2010

YogaX = Killer Yoga

OK, so Laura was right... I was surprised by my improvement in the Yoga area BUT I still didn't like it. I think that I don't like it because I am not that great at it. I hate not being good at stuff :(

So, there is not much to report other than the fact that my HRM died... I mean really died! It is still reading that I should check the HR transmitter. So, I am going to buy new batteries tonight and hope that it will fix the problem. So, in addition to doing a workout that I am not fond of I also had no stats following it! Talk about discouraging...

Tonight is either Legs and Back or Kenpo... both of which I like so it should be a good night. Sorry about the negative post but if you could have only seen my version of the poses you would understand why ;)

Make it a great day!
EVEN A MONKEY CAN DO IT... but I have trouble :P


Laura said...

OK, LMFAO. You crack me up girl... as I'm sure your poses are fine. Everyone has to start somewhere with this... as it takes practice. But I'm telling you... if you keep at it through these 90 days, it'll be so worth it. :)

Gaspegirl said...

Well, I gonna try and I will tell you in 85 days :P

Maybe by then I will even be taking pics of my poses... but I doubt it!