Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shoulder (ouch), Biceps (ouch again) and Triceps (Freaking OUch)

Why, oh why did I think that this round was going to be easier? I assumed that because I have been through this once already and because I have looked Shaun T. in the eye and survived that the second round would have been a breeze... WRONG!

You know what I realize? I realize the secret behind this great product... it will never get easy because I just keep getting stronger and asking more of my body. I also realize that if I keep this up that the end of this round should show enough improvement that I will be sharing Day 1 of Beachbody (Jan 2010) and day 90 of round two of P90x... it should be something worth sharing.

In the meantime I am back to being REALLY sore. I mean having to crawl up and down steps rather than taking them two by two. I am back to supporting myself with walls and chairs while trying to sit down. I am back to moaning as I attempt to get comfy in bed... my muscles are sore! But I know that this is the sore that will make changes in my body so I am sucking it up!

Anyway, here are the stats from last nights workout:

Calories: 416
Avg HR: 121
Max HR: 157

I leave you with a pic from today... after a cut and color ;) Make it a great day!


Scrappytbear said...

You look awesome, Im so glad you are happy :) Remember those aches and pains mean you worked really hard or something! ;)

Laura said...

Cute haircut!!!

Congrats on being super sore? LOL. I'm glad to see it doesn't get old. I love trying to walk downstairs feeling like my legs are going to give out... or feel like my arms are made of jello. Makes you feel like you accomplished something!!!

Can't wait to see your results!!!

Yoga tomorrow?????? ;)

Gaspegirl said...

lol... thanks girls! It does feel good to be so sore, I know that it is working.

@Laura... yoga tonight and I am NOT subbing it out for something else. All 90 minutes of Killer Yoga will be completed tonight :P And no pictures will be taken - lol

Laura said...

Hey... you've been surprised about how far you've come with the other workouts.. I think you should take some Yoga pics!!! :) Bet you kill it!!!