Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sorry for the delay

I have been meaning to update and haven't in a while... sorry, for those of you following my progress. Last week I took Friday night off to get my Christmas cards addressed and sent... priorities you know! Then Saturday came around and we had visitors so no workout was completed that day... so I doubled up on Legs and Back and Kenpo! I started with Kenpo because I figured it would be a great warm up for the Legs and Back routine. It would provide me with a nice stretch and get my heart rate up ... and that it did!! Here are the stats:

Calories: 573
Avg HR: 140
Max HR: 172

Yeah, that worked! So following that I skipped the warm up and went right into the Legs and Back routine... oh how I love to hate that DVD! My poor knees were cricking and cracking... my muscles were burning and shaking and I couldn't help but smile when I finished it! Here are the stats:

Calories: 489
Avg HR: 132
Max HR: 160

Then on Monday it was town council and as a town councilor I went but it finished late so I accepted Monday as my day of rest. Tonight will be Chest and Back, wish me luck!

Make it a great day!


Laura said...

You go girl in doing both Kenpo & L&B!!! You're killing it already!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Gaspé Girl!!
I am proud of you...Started my rest week in INSANITY. you were right....no rest there...damn Shawn T and his gang!!