Friday, August 26, 2011

Fitness Friday

Borrowing the title of my Friday blog from a friend :)

OK, so my plan is to reinvent my blog a little and make Friday my day to discuss my training for the past week. No longer am I going to do it day by day because do you really want to hear ALL of the details? Didn't think so! So, beginning next week I will attempt to blog on a more regular basis about fitness related stuff that I am struggling with or researching and/or looking for your assistance with. Stay tuned for that!

SO, this week we pressed play everyday and I can hardly walk as a result. Yep! Back to assisting myself with the walls to sit on the throne, cringing when I rise my arms to give a high five and looking like I have been run over by a MAC truck! I asked Mr. Wonderful last night, while laying on the floor in the gym as we had completed the Side Tri Rise, "why do we do this to ourselves?". We start the X, usually get well into round 2 and then take a break - for whatever reason - only to suffer through the pain of starting over???? We must love torture...

Anyway, we laugh about it but we are HURTING! But it feels SO good...

Here are the stats:

Chest and Back: 452 calories
Plyometrics: 653 calories
Shoulders and Arms: 453 calories
Yoga sub'd out for a short run: 367 calories
Tonight is Legs and Back... can't walk already so it is not going to be pretty :P

I had a great week and I am feeling great. I will be seeing my specialists this week, one for a follow up and the other for my treatment. I think that the pain that I have been feeling in my knees will be lessened after next week and I should be able to BRING it even more.

I have been logging my food all week, without fail and I have never ate back all my workout calories... so that should show on the scale in a week or so. I have also been drinking lots of water but could always up my water intake and cut back on the coffee... I have two a day ;o

So, that was my week so far! This weekend we are heading out for a camping/biking/hiking adventure! I will be taking pics and I will post some next week... promise!

Have a great weekend!


Vanessa said...

ahhh I know all to well that feeling of needing grab bars to get up & down from a chair/the throne!

look forward to your weekly posts!

Anne said...

Good job getting the workouts in :) your muscles will thank you eventually.
Have a great vacation!