Monday, July 5, 2010

Still biking

Well, we are still enjoying our bikes and I have shaved 10 minutes off that 13km run that I blogged about last week. I think that tonight we are going to switch it up a bit and add some kms to our routine... I feel that I am ready :)

This weekend was a total bust for my diet! (and by weekend I mean from Wednesday - Sunday (inclusive)) because my SIL is home and we were party planning and hosting all weekend with lots of YUMMY junkie food and I caved... like a big whimp, I caved BIG time. Ate what I wanted, however much I wanted and never even thought of the consequences! So, here we are Monday, I am taking my lunch and drinking my protein shake... time to take back the control.

Our plan for the week is 3 bike rides with added kms and 3 strength routines, legs and back, chest and shoulders and arms, bi and tri.
Make it a great week!

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