Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Logging my food

Do you do that? Do you log your food for the day... everyday? When I am focused and doing well it means that I am logging my food and exercising. That is it... it is the secret to weight loss... be honest about what you are consuming and work out daily. It works for me when I follow my own advice.

Anyway, I am leaving you with a couple more motivational prints that I found on Pinterest. I did Cardio X last night followed by a 15 minute sprint... tonight is night 2 in my B210K program that I am doing to regain some of my stamina that I have lost before the big competition. My hubby is getting jealous of my motivation and he is likely to cave and join me soon.

On the nutrition side... I ate 5 small meals yesterday (first time in a long time)and I even made a spicy chili quinoa salad... it was EXCELLENT. Anyway, I kept the calorie count under my goal and feel great this morning and back on it again. I did have some sleeplessness last night... not sure why but I am hoping that it will be better tonight.

Make it a great day folks!

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Courtney Foster said...

I havent really been tracking my food and I know I need too. Mainly due to food allergies that I want to figure out. I am hoping to get it all cleared up but love the motivation you give. I am hoping the food log will also help me with my tummy fat that refuses to go away.